18 June 2007

Where's The Music?

In case you were wondering, I hadn't quit trying to play the piano yet. I just haven't posted videos of me playing because synchronizing the music and video is a pain, plus every now and then a freaking circular saw operates in the garage and ruins the sound. Also, I've been baking and my fingers are a little tired from doing all the mixing, and are a little shaky (apparently not tired enough to type).

What I won't be doing is singing in the video. I realize that all this time of talking very little and not practicing my singing has taken a toll on my voice. It sounds like crap on a microphone. Oh well, again.

Just please keep on coming to the site regularly and I'll warn you if the time comes that I won't be updating regularly. Or I'll warn you if I'm about to assault you with my amateurish piano playing. Either way, I want to keep you interested, so please check this blog every now and then, I'm very frequently updating and finding ways to jester my way into your hearts. Ha ha ha.

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