12 June 2007

On Shyness

Some people might be wondering if I've lost my mind posting my face on the internet. I know-- it's not me, right? But I took a cue from The Amateur Gourmet and decided that there's nothing to be shy about (somehow, his big goofy eyes and glasses reminded me of myself) if it helps to communicate my thoughts better. And make whatever I'm saying more interesting, anyway. I know I'm not the best looking apple in the bunch, but I don't care! To be ashamed of your own face is a step back from being yourself.

I saw this at Nike at Baguio:

"Shyness is no excuse. I used to think I was too shy to dance-- but then I felt so happy doing it I could never go back. Am still a shy person, but one who will do whatever she wants." In addition to being light years better than that impossible is nothing nonsense, this is a beautiful message that I think everyone can learn from.

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