17 June 2007

TRP 32: From Concept to Final Work Series 1

From among the publications committee in the Medical Students Society, we had to come up with a poster for the 32nd TRP variety show, which had a theme of "Movie Night." I knew immediately I wanted a glamorous image of an theater, with the marquee, and the red-carpet feeling. So I made a concept sketch:

However, working directly on computer wasn't a great idea. First of all, it looked like shit. No red carpet feeling. This might as well have been a depressing unpopulated discotheque. So we start from scratch, this time on paper:

I showed it over the mailing list and Winlove loved it, asking the rest if we could pursue the design. I was flattered and immediately got to work. I had obviously been greatly influenced by the work of Bert Monroy, so I bought his book to fully grasp the concepts behind photrealistic computer art. Again, I made the same mistake of working directly on the computer first, but it was a good exercise to get the techniques just right and to get a feel for the colors.

Working in a traditional manner, I made the perspective skeleton in Adobe Illustrator:

The proceeded to fill in the details.

Unfortunately, the giant TRP 32 sign was too much work and it was incredibly ugly, so I decided to change it to an easier (cheating, really) method and at the same time, make it look glamorous. So, my favorite method. Winlove made a few more suggestions about adding views of Manila in the background, hence the final product:

I hope this feature has cleared up the creative process to you guys, and shown that good design takes a lot of thought, and hard work really shows. It's not a matter of plopping down all the elements you can in Photoshop and adding a cool Filter. I hope you also had fun reading this, by the way.

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