21 June 2007

Pond's Age "Miracle"

August 28, 2007 EDIT: I've now concluded my experiment on Pond's Age Miracle. See my report here.

August 2, 2007 EDIT: I realize this page pops up a lot when you look for resources on Pond's Age Miracle. The folks at Pond's don't even put up a lot of helpful information on their website regarding their products, just a lot of fluff you've already seen in their ad. I'll conduct an independent experiment soon and post the results on this website. I'll first have to BUY the stuff and I'll update you.

I just saw Rissa Mananquil's (beauty and fashion columnist for some newspaper) new ad for Pond's Age Miracle. She claims she and 2 friends applied it to halves their faces to test its effects. In less than 7 days (the promised time to effect), they saw results IN HALF OF THEIR FACES. I tried looking for a picture or a screenshot or video, but looks like I'll have to follow it up. Anyway, on TV it showed their "old" face, still intact, with unsightly spots (looked like liver spots from where I was looking) and noticeably darker skin.

Okay. they have to show a disclaimer that the effect is SIMULATED. Because there is no way these girls walk around Manila's hotspots looking like fucking harlequins. Truth in advertising, folks. Don't be so obvious.

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