05 June 2007

French Lemon Cream Tart

(Tarte aux Creme de Citron Français) This is a birthday tart I made for Mira, who allegedly doesn't like cake and instead keeps begging me to make a nice crust. This is Dorie Greenspan's recipe, and was a snap to make. Like a madman, I licked the blender I used to make the lemon cream inside, after I'd removed most of the cream and turned it off. I would have preferred to garnish with solid stars but I didn't have a small star cookie cutter, and thought it would be pretty silly to buy one. Also, I wanted to add dollops of whipped cream, but guess what: I CAN'T WHIP CREAM! It's either too warm or I'm too inept.

According to the text messages I got from the eaters, it was "the best crust they ever tasted." I'm inclined to think they're exaggerating, but what the hell. I'm teh bomb!

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