01 April 2007

A Day Without Class

I am a HUGE fan of Joan Walsh Anglund since I was a kid and owned a blanket with a drawing from her beautiful book, "A Friend is Someone Who Likes You." I made this small computer-art thingie in honor of her, and I would produce more if it was not so time-consuming.
A Day Without Class


Liv Tyler has disappeared. Why? (Did she give birth or something?) Anyway, I do miss her despite her uncomfortable acting, because she is a very luminous beauty.

The face has a distortion I can't get rid of because of the angle I was drawing on.


Because my first sketch for Eowyn was not well-received (something wrong with the harshness of the face? I'm not sure), I made a second, more difficult sketch. Blond hair is not easy to depict in pencil.

Note that with time my pencil lines are more deliberate and darker.


Here is another one of my favorite characters, Boromir.

It's also noticeably one of my earlier sketches.


This is one of the simplest, but most-complimented early sketches I did during the Lord of the Rings era, Gandalf.

Which is funny because you only have to get a few details right. I did not yet adopt an Art Noveau style of sketching, as you can see, the details are very soft and my objective was only to exercise my facial anatomy (er, sketching the facial anatomy. I wasn't exercising my face).


Here is one of my favorite sketches during the Lord of the Rings era. It's one of my favorite characters, Faramir.

As is with the Art Nouveau style, the hair is stringy and my shadows are hatched, not shaded. I actually already received a request for this sketch but I found I couldn't let it go.