12 June 2007

Tarte aux Coeurs des Fraises

Tart Aux Coeurs des Fraises
I saw the Chocolate and Zucchini version of Tarte aux Fraises, and I thought to myself, that looks awesome. I have to do that once I get my hands on some fresh strawberries. So, I went to Baguio and got some (no, we didn't go to Baguio just for this). I wanted to make it look special, so I cut them up in the shape of hearts. Sort of. I filled it as per tradition with Pierre Hermé's recipe for pastry cream. I was worried that it wasn't sweet enough (the strawberries are almost out of season), but I can always pass it off as "sophisticated," heh heh.

The more I look at it, the more I think it looks more like Pac-Men than hearts. Anyway, in a desperation move, I made Chocolate Sauce (also Pierre Hermé's recipe) to cover up just in case it was in fact not sweet enough. Looking back, the bittersweet aspect of it was perfect in offsetting the milky flavor of the pastry cream.

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