11 September 2007

Thoughts on the Line (part 3)

I am beginning to realize why I'm not cut out for life with a partner. I cannot engage in hackneyed small talk, like what the real meaning of traffic is. God, that's really fresh. Anyway, the couple behind me in line gave an even older meaning to "mundane." I love conversation, small or big. I can talk up any topic for a very long time. But they were about as up-to-date on topics as those upstart DJs on FM radio. (read: not up-to-date at all.) I also love silence. Maybe they should look it up.

I did, however, improv a haiku while on the line for the Switchfoot concert:

Where does the line end?
Where there are the most people
Right in front of you.

Deep, huh? Not.

I was stupid enough to have the guards check in my cellphone's battery at the gate. I had to ask a stranger to lend me their phone so I could make a quick message. Though she did look at me like I was a maniac (she looked a bit irritated. God, sorry. You can say no, you know). At least I can accomplish one of the tasks in Beauty and the Geek.

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