11 September 2007

The Awesomeness That is Switchfoot (part 2)

I'm not sure how many people know me well enough to make the connection. Sarcastic doctor from Manila::Christian hard rock surfers from San Diego. Yet Switchfoot ranks up there as one of my favorite artists ever.

The first video I saw of them, Meant to Live from the Spider-Man 2 European soundtrack. I first noticed Jon Foreman's enviable hair.
The key component of why I like them so much is the introspection, something I consider myself very good at. After I'd seen two of their videos, I liked their message well enough to buy their album. I got hooked and retroactively bought the rest of their albums.

One of their songs is the anthemic "Learning to Breathe." I'll post some lyrics here:
I'm learning to breathe, I'm learning to crawl. I'm finding that You and You alone can break my fall.
There was just a period in my life when I pretty much felt dead inside. I took joy only from being recognized, trying to get ahead of everyone. Contempt came very easily for me-- from people who didn't care what I did, from people who would call me a nurse, from people who wouldn't respect me. For some reason, listening to their powerful lyrics reminded me that none of these things really matter. Trying to be the best is not nearly as important as trying to be a good person. It made me realize the reasons I signed up for what I did; and who exactly it is that I'm serving. Obviously, I had been serving myself all this time.

From "24": I am the second man now-- and You're raising the dead in me.
Even at the age of 24, it's not too late to reorient your life and change for the better. The benefits came immediately-- I don't think I ever got really tired (okay, there were times of real physical stress, but I always managed to never complain and to still be able to joke around when needed), and I could handle being alone without being afraid.

I'm not trying to be preachy (hey, I'm all for living your life the way you want to!)-- just sharing a little bit of who I am.

Even now their old songs have new meaning to me! Consider the following lyrics from "Chem 6A":
Nothing but a chemical in my head
It's nothing but laziness
Cuz I dont wanna read the book
I'll watch the movie
Cuz its not me
I'm just like everybody else my age

I think I'd rather play around
And I think I'd rather watch tv

Scarily accurate!

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