07 September 2007

HAHAHAHA (Incredulous Laughter)!

Apparently, if in your childhood you sort of overachieved, in the eyes of your family that will carry on in adulthood and they will still see you as a wünderkind of sorts (even if you're already 25). No matter what, they still think you can top about 2,500 of the best minds in science in the country (in your age group).

But that's not the story. Here's my auntie (grandmother's sister) yesterday, on my passing the medical boards: (translated of course)
She: "I didn't think you'd taken the boards yet!"
Me: "Huh? Why not?"
She: "I was expecting to find your name on the top ten, and when I didn't see it there, I assumed you hadn't taken the test!"

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! (Incredulous laughter!) HOW is she able to get away with that? Only a family member can confuse disappointment with flattery and get away with it. Auntie, I love you, but that was beyond weird.

Oh, that drawing is the best I can mock up in 5 minutes on my WACOM tablet and my "Charles Schultz-y" hands.

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