23 August 2007

Chocolate and Banana Brochettes

If you can stir and poke stuff, you absolutely have no excuse not to be able to present dessert. I am a big fan of the combination of chocolate and bananas (not to mention bananas and peanut butter), so making this incredibly easy dessert was a no-brainer for my all-dessert party. Now, Grame has been recounting traumatic stories of truffles to me, but as long as you keep the chocolate very dark and very bitter, and the portions small, you should be able to avoid the nausea that results from consuming to sweet a treat. (Instructions follow)
Chocolate and Banana Brochettes
To make the truffles, simply chop 230g of bittersweet chocolate very finely and place in a medium bowl. Bring 250g of heavy cream to a boil in the microwave and pour over the chocolate, then gently stir without creating bubbles until the chocolate is completely melted and the mixture is smooth. Set aside. Work 4 tablespoons (60g) room-temperature unsalted butter in a small bowl with a rubber spatula until creamy. When the chocolate is only warm to the touch, add the butter in two additions until incorporated, mixing gently with the spatula. Place in a 4x8" loaf pan and freeze. When frozen firm, scoop out portions with a small spoon, ice cream scoop, or melon baller, then roll in a small bowl of cocoa powder (I used Valrhona). Toss gingerly in your hands to get rid of the excess. Refrigerate till ready to use.

At the ast minute, thread 2 banana slices and a truffle onto a bamboo skewer. That's it.

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