13 August 2007

Back From "Vacation"

After half a month's hiatus, I'm back... And I'm not going to make any desserts. Not yet, anyway. I'm saving it all for a possible celebration-slash-birthday party for a friend, wherein we will eat nothing but dessert. I won't know if it's sure until I get the results from the medical boards. Which is due in about 36 hours. Sounds short (only the rest of my life!). I suppose even if I fail the licensure, I can still make as many desserts as I want, but wouldn't that be depressing? What if I throw a party for my friends who passed and I failed?

Anyway. After Sunday, I'll have enough desserts to post about here to last every day till September. In the meantime, maybe I should make actual food. Or maybe even breakfast...

P.S. Happy Birthday Faith!

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