28 August 2007

Maraming Salamat, Rob!

Though I was trying to keep my anguish while reviewing for the medical boards to a harldy audible whimper, Rob, gracious host of the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts and Letters forums dessert forum, showed his support during that time. After I'd passed, he got to work on several very inspired Filipino-based desserts, though he doesn't have any Filipino background that I know of. I'm extremely humbled since he's done more Filipino desserts than I have and probably knows the ingredients in and out. What can I say, the guy is a dessert prodigy.
Check out his Filipino desserts on his blog entry here.
Also, you can check out his descriptions of his desserts at the eGullet forums here.
Here's a sample of a modified cassava cake (got rid of the treacly top and replaced it with a more elegant mango mousse and pineapple):

Many more familiar desserts after the links.

Many thanks for your support, Rob!

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