31 May 2007

Manggy Movie, Starring...

... I've been told to resemble a few celebrities, namely 1. Eddie Furlong (I actually don't know much about this actor, but I respect he got through childhood actor-ship without a major scandal) 2. Matthew Broderick (it was a Nephro teacher. She was horny) 3. Robert Downey, Jr. 4. Thom Filicia 5. John Lloyd Cruz (okay-- I'm beginning to crack myself up) 6. Gio Alvarez (don't remember him? Neither do I). But why trust a blind panel when you can rely on the all-seeing eye of computer recognition technology? These babies can cast the movie of my unbelievably boring life in a matter of minutes!

The module can only display that many results, but weirdly, the consistent result was Song Hye-Kyo, whoever she is. But she better be prepared for the role of a lifetime! Bwa ha ha.

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