31 May 2007

Faubourg Pavé

I didn't think I'd ever be the somatic type, but I find it relaxing to work with my hands. And there's nothing that blends chemistry and art so well as baking, so I decided to be really good at it-- to not be limited by technique, only by ingredients and materials. On that note, I bought a crapload of pans and tools (will post about those later), and did you know a kilo of cherries costs P900? Prohibitive.

Though not the first thing I made, I am amazed by the beauty of this Faubourg Pavé. It was designed by the "Picasso of Pastry", Pierre Hermé, and was his first dessert he made for the Ladurée, Paris's oldest pâtisserie and tea salon (pasteleria y salon de the?). It's cocoa cake split into three and brushed with salted caramel syrup, then layered with seasoned dried apricots and chocolate-salted caramel ganache. The recipe makes 2 loaf cakes but I had some extra so I made a mini-loaf for Roselyn.

I had prepared specific instructions on how to prepare it-- defrost overnight in the fridge, leave at room temperature 30 minutes, then smooth all over with a spatula-- but she had eaten it out of hand like a sandwich before I could. I forgive her because she hadn't had lunch in anticipation.

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