08 February 2008


My PGH Barkada

I was going for a "Do you know where your children are?" vibe with that but there's only so much tone you can project with the written word (FYI: those are 7 very competent doctors in the picture, just so you're not confused). That's a picture of me with 6 of my closest friends (by no means all of them). I'm the third one from the left if you haven't figured it out. I've been feeling a little funny after reading a few comments about my appearance, which is a pretty standard reaction from me. I really am bad at taking it. I remember walking around campus in my ugly, ugly medical school uniform and a group of 3 young women passed by. After they passed me, one of them who thought I must have had ears made of mushrooms said, "Pwede na." (translation: "Acceptable.") The weird thing is, I heard the same thing again from a different group of people years later. I was laughing all the way home. I won't tell you the two stories of how some people flirted with me, because if I'm terrible at accepting backhanded compliments, I am far, far, worse when it's overt flirting. I'm more used to handling horrible comments like "You look like Gollum." Compliments are like a sneak attack. (Except when it comes to my food, wink wink.)
Torn Book
I tried to work whatever charm skills I had into getting this book at a discount (Desserts by Pierre Hermé, now very hard-to-find). It was originally selling for P1680 ($42) a National Bookstore, the Philippines' largest bookseller, but it looked like it had been attacked by rabid dogs on the spine and dustcover. I've been wanting this book for months two other things I am really, really bad at are haggling and hiding the fact that I am dying to buy the item in question. I asked a friendly saleslady if she could give me a discount as the book looked like ass on rat, and she was very helpful and went to management, who determined they could give a 20% discount! W00t! Granted, it's still pricey given its condition, but I didn't want to push my luck. I wasn't even aware you could ask for a discount at a large retail chain.

P.S.: Dottie's (2nd from left) shoulder makes it look like my shirt was unbuttoned to an uncomfortable degree. Just saying.

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