11 July 2007

Sha-Do Lamps: Awesome Design Alert

I was doing my usual rounds browsing the net when I came across this entry on NOTCOT.org featuring Shadow lamps from a German company. I absolutely fell in love and I will not rest till I get one, or acquire sufficient skill to make one. As if.

Shown here is the "Brüssel" design (there are a lot of interesting ones: Bombay, Paris, Washington, "Tokio", and Versailles, among others. I realize that I haven't yet written about my wonderful adventures in Brussels but this lamp is JUST SO FREAKING ELOQUENT! I WANT ONE! NOW! AND IT COSTS €299. That's PhP19,000. Or £200. Or $410. Maybe by the time I'm a successful doctor I can find one in a dumpster.

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