01 January 2007

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Note: PLEASE enter a valid e-mail address, otherwise there is absolutely no way for me to reach you if I need to. Thanks for taking the time to drop by. I appreciate all feedback and questions, though I might not have enough time to answer them all. (I certainly try to!) This blog, including this contact form and except for the pictures (which are hosted on Flickr), is all contained within the Google/Blogger platform and e-mail addresses and private correspondence are never shared, except for when a letter/comment is abusive, coercive, or threatening. I may choose not to read it if I don't like your tone. Spam is thrown out immediately so don't waste your time.
Reviews: I generally do not review restaurants or events except in the context of travel notes. Invitations to review products are currently not being entertained. I do review cookbooks and food-related books for another site I co-manage, The Gastronomer's Bookshelf.
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