01 October 2008

LA Is a Great Big Freeway

Opera House
That's the Opera House in Los Angeles, taken last March 2008. The picture is my brother's, using the camera that I now own.
Originally I had planned on writing one more food post (there are quite a few on queue) before I leave for the States (Los Angeles to be exact) this Saturday, but preparing dessert for tomorrow took a little more time than I expected, plus I'll feel bad about not chiming in on the comments. To get all the details straight:

  1. I'm going to El Segundo, California from October 4 to 9 to take my USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Exam on October 6. It's a practical exam consisting of 15 simulated patient encounters. Wish me luck!

  2. Tomorrow Genie and Vany are going to help me practice for it, so I'm making lunch.

  3. Oh, yeah, I passed the USMLE Step 2 Clinical Knowledge Exam. I just forgot to say so :) Thanks for everyone's well-wishes!

  4. I'll only be armed with my brother's PSP just in case I want to write e-mail. There's never a bad time to bug some people (you know who you are) :) Too bad my laptop is all weird right now.

  5. I JUST learned how to really tie a Half Windsor (and I'm actually screwing it up, still). I'm pathetic.

  6. During the next week you may be interested in my other blog, A Simple Life (maybe add it to your feeds if you like, since I don't write too often there). I plan to write two articles: one about medicine and the elderly, and another about crying on the job. For now, I just recently wrote about a strange dream I had.

  7. I'll be back here October 11, hopefully with a post the next day.

  8. WISH ME LUCK!!!

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