29 May 2008


Hi everyone, I'm sorry I forgot to tell most of you guys that I have a very important licensing exam (US Medical Licensure), and it's TOMORROW! My employment as a foreign medical graduate absolutely depends on a performance that is better than most Americans', so I can't neglect my studies. After tomorrow, the second step of my exam is on August 15, so there's a bit of time to dilly-dally and cook before I start studying like a maniac again.

So, here's the schedule:

  1. Before 9AM - mass, light breakfast (so I don't go to the bathroom too often)

  2. 9AM-5PM - The TEST!

  3. Vomit

  4. Heavy, luxurious dinner (or a McBurger, whatever)

  5. Sleep like I've never slept before

  6. Morning gym session to burn off my nervous munching during studying

  7. MARKET! And hope for great seafood and fresh fruits and vegetables that are exciting

  8. Ogle all your delicious new entries over the past 2 weeks. Which now number over a hundred in my RSS feed.

Now the question is: how do I reawaken this blog with something exciting?!

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