18 January 2008


So I was busy just a few minutes ago constructing a cake. It required tempered white chocolate, but just as I got the chocolate to the right temperature, the water under the bowl splashes and a drop of water enters the chocolate, seizing it and destroying it completely. I thought I'd be able to save it by remelting it, but when I got it to temperature again, water splashed into it AGAIN, so I thought I could save it by carefully throwing out the wet portion, but it was too late and it seized again. So right now, I am really tired and will try again in a few hours when I've screamed as loud as I can into a pillow. Kidding. I'm just sullen now, the same feeling I get when you perform heart compressions on a patient who coded but after 30 minutes of pumping his chest, he still dies. Of course, the latter is ten million times worse. But I still don't want to see chocolate for, oh, a few hours. Whereas if the patient does live, then it all suddenly becomes worth it.

Tori Amos playing iieee, one of my favorite songs from her From the Choirgirl Hotel album. Followed by Raspberry Swirl, another great song. Sorry the sound's so muddy.

The last time I screamed into a pillow? Was when I was working hard on retouching a giant antique photo, filling in all the tiny rips and spots of decay. OF COURSE, the power goes out (my brother for some reason switched the AVR off) and OF COURSE, I didn't save it one bit. He was very apologetic and I didn't get mad, I just said blankly, "I just need to... lie down..." AARGHHHHHHH (into a pillow)

So part of the therapy is sharing some random weirdness I snapped with my camera phone.

This is from my favorite second-hand bookstore, Booksale. Amidst all the cookbooks, you will of course find the "Great American Deserts." My gestalt impression of the title was just as dumb as the sorter's, so I excitedly flipped through it and wondered why I was looking at huge pictures of sand.

Classiest. Brand of paint stripper. EVER.

Purified water distributors are a big deal in the Philippines. So how do you stand out? By paying tribute to 19th-century England.

This is an old picture I snapped of the men's room at the Operating Room men's locker. Ladies, if you haven't been in one, men's rooms are nasty. I won't go into detail, but if there's no custodian standing by 24/7, pretty much anything gross you can think of related to going to the bathroom, you will find. I've been (very quickly) in the Ladies' Room at University, and wow, there was a vendor inside selling feminine things and a lounge. Not that a vendor can stand ten minutes surrounded by the stench of a men's room. For your information, "maraming bakla" means "lots of gay guys" and "badings" means "gays." And the drawing on the bottom left corner is apparently a muscular surgeon being pleasured by a woman. Also for your information, not all male doctors on the can become completely juvenile when given a permanent marker.

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