03 November 2007

Baby You're Mine

The first artist (musically) I was really interested in as a kid was Polish singer Basia. Atypical, I know. Regardless, it was the late 80's and there were just not a lot that resonated with me (Johnny Hates Jazz? Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark? Madonna? Debbie Gibson?), even if I was in sync with the radio. And I certainly can't explain why I love Basia's music even to this day despite the fact that I find new "Bossa" acts nauseating and affected. I think most of it has to do with her genius writing partner, Peter White. They came out with really good songs (which I knew all the lyrics to despite not knowing what they were at the time), and age has given me only a greater appreciation for them. Especially now that other artists have come up with ghastly covers for "Reward" and "Time and Tide." Yecch.

Click here to listen to a digital recording of me playing "Baby You're Mine." I'm not going to say my playing does justice to it. Notice that I hired my synthetic drummer to do the beat. :) There's not a real piano solo to speak of, because I'm not a jazz pianist (nor a real pianist by any stretch of the imagination), and I don't know how to improv something that sounds good (I could have cheated and layered the track, but I didn't want to pretend to be a better pianist than I am).

Unfortunately I don't have an upload of the original track, nor do I have a Youtube video for it, and I don't want to break copyright laws by providing one. So I give you another "type" song by Basia instead. (Video: "Astrud." Wow, this looks ancient.)

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